Getting Ready For Spring And Summer

Happy Spring to you all. We have been extremely busy here at the cupcakery trying and tasting new recipes for spring and summer.

If any of you have flavor suggestions of what you would like us to feature, please drop us a note. Our new flavors will be joining our daily menu very soon along with some pretty Easter cupcakes.

I would like to feature another one of our special cupcakes which is a cupcakery favorite.

A light refreshing lemon lavender cake that is the perfect sweet treat, especially on our hot summer days!

This fragrant cake is topped with our rich cream cheese frosting and garnished with a delicate mixture of lavender buds and lemon lime zest. As pretty as it is delicious…….


  1. Pam Phillips says:

    Hi Vanessa–
    Looking forward to visiting your shop again in August when my husband and I return to Destin for our vacation. Told my husband I needed a new t-shirt and I would have to get more than one cupcake or visit your shop every day.
    Longview, Texas

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